Why Invest In Oil Wells

Oil Investment

Benefits of Oil & Gas Projects?

Oil Wells Produce Monthly Income:

Once the oil well starts producing, the monthly revenue from the sale of Oil & Natural Gas comes every month potentially for 40 years.

Example: If each well produces an average IP of 250 barrels of oil per day which is average for this area and you invested 100k, your monthly checks would be approx: $9,700.00.

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Oil Wells Give Tax Benefits:

  • Oil Drilling is the very best tax-advantaged investment (Newsweek).
  • Congress gives tax breaks to individual Oil Well investors that are not available to large companies.
  • Oil Well Investments are 100% tax deductible … 65 to 80% can be written off in first year.
  • Oil Well Revenue is Up to 100% tax-free income.
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Oil Well Investment Risk

Average well is less risky than 10 years ago. Several projects have a probability of success better than 90%.. Available projects would be economically attractive if oil price would fall 50%.

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Oil Well Drilling Prospect Availablity

Small drilling prospects are better than ever (and there are more of them).

Oil Well Drilling Competition

The big money has gone offshore and overseas, because there are too few easy-to-find big oil fields remaining. Over 10,000 oil companies have left the arena since 1982.

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Oil Field Lease Costs

Oil companies are not as anxious to renew expired leases (so lease costs are low). Request Information regarding Oil Investing

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Petroleum demand is doubling about every 10 years. U.S. oil stock piles are at 27 year low. (14 days of domestic consumption) Request Information regarding Oil Investing

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US output is at a 35 year low Over two-thirds of domestic oil wells are classified as marginal (avg = 3 bbls/day). Imports are now over 60% (imports were 30% just before the oil embargo).

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Long range projections are up.

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Rig activity is lowest in 50 years, therefore, drilling costs are low.

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Recent advances in oil finding technology has improved recovery and reduced risk. Some companies report 85% success on wildcat wells.

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GOVERNMENT Gives tremendous favor twards Oil Well Drilling

Encourages domestic drilling with special tax breaks. Mandating natural gas usage over oil and coal. Natural gas is now deregulated.

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Traditional sources of drilling money are no longer available (which is a bonanza for independent investors).

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how this can benefit your taxes.

Example: If you are in the 35% tax bracket and you invested 100k and you write off 80% the first year.

$100,000.00 X 80% X 35% = $28,000.00

You save $28,000.00 dollars, which allows you take those dead dollars and put them to work for you. Normally that $28k would go to Uncle Sam. The other 20% gets amortized over the next 3-5 years giving you 100% tax write off inevitably for a total savings of $35,000.00. The beauty and reality of this is you get the tax write off even if we drill the best well in the field!